Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mishap with the freehub.

We set off for Innerleithen bright and early this morning and the going was remarkably good considering there must have been about 12 inches of snow only a couple of weeks ago. Apart from a few creaks and strange noises from the bike transmission everything went OK on the climb to the top of Minch Moor and then along the Southern Upland Way to the Three Brethern, (see photos below). We then did the descent to Yair, finding that the often tricky technical bits were really dry and relatively easy today. That's where the problems started, my freehub started jumping, then whenever any pressure was applied to the pedals just failed completely. By this time we'd thankfully reached the singletrack road that runs alongside the south side of the River Tweed and decided there was no way my bike would manage another climb into the hills up the singletrack. It actually couldn't manage anything that went even slightly uphill and so Baz set off for the car while I tried to nurse my invalid bike along as best as I could. I needed 25 miles today for my 150 miles for the week and cursed my rotten luck at falling short but dame fortune smiled on me (for once) and there happened to be quite a lot of downhills which I was able to freewheel down. I'd just got the 25 miles on the bike computer when Baz appeared with the car to rescue me so at least all was not lost. Now the hunt is on to find a new Bontrager freehub to fix the goddamn thing.