Wednesday, 17 October 2012

That's the rain on again!

And chucking it down at that! After about a week of reasonably settled weather, i.e. no wind, no rain and a bit of sunshine, we're back to heavy rain through the day followed by clearing up late afternoon and a touch of frost at night. This hasn't really held my mileage back too much but the washing machine's been going non stop separating the riding clothes from the muck. An addition to my riding gear has been a merino wool base layer, it has a polo neck with a zip, handy for climbs and descents, long sleeves, also handy for going up and down, and best of all doesn't need washing too often, at least nobody's complained of the smell yet......
The lights are now fitted for every ride and before too long every ride will be in total darkness, only the brave (or is it the nutters) venture out now! Last night three of us were out and saw no-one else in 23 miles of riding, mind you at one point I rode through 18 inches of water where the river had burst its banks!

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