Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tighter than a Scotsman on a spending spree

The Geax tyre looks good......... once it's on!

After the problems with the rear Nobby Nics and their sidewall issues it was back to the drawing board, or should it have been the Internet, for a rear tubeless tyre that was light, tough, and most of all cheap! I settled on a 2.1 Geax which seemed to tick nearly all the boxes, especially the cheap one, and within a day it had arrived. Some of the reviews mentioned difficulties getting them on the rims, talk about difficulties!! I spent several hours and used up all my foul oath vocabulary before I managed to get it on only to discover that I'd managed to damage the tubeless tape with careless use of a metal tyre lever. And I managed to break my best plastic lever into the bargain (more cursing). Next morning I phoned a small bike shop I heard good things about and asked if he could fit a tight tyre,"bring it in and I'll do it for you " he said confidently. After an hour of wrestling with me helping as well and the tyre blowing off the rim the first time we had it on and pressured, covering his workshop in Stans No Tube sealant by the way, we eventually got it fitted and pressured. It was tested out at Glentress last night and coped well though it does roll a bit on hard cornering, I reckon I'll get used to that though. The end result is, the tyre performs well but it's a complete bitch to fit, so I wont be buying another Geax.........ever!!!!

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