Sunday, 13 July 2014

Temperatures soaring.....when I say "soaring" remember it's Scotland we're talking about

Mark aka "Madmax" back from holiday to display his collarbone glued down with sticky tape, it seemed to work as there wasn't a noticeable difference in his descending speed!

A South African flag in Bilston Wood, presumably hung there by the "Tree House People" who live there.

Friday and it's a scorcher, this photo was taken at the top of Caerketton Hill, the blurriness caused by sweat dripping from my head onto the lens!
Sunday morning and Baz and me come across hundreds of miniature frogs en route to Black Springs Reservoir, obviously time for their first swim, how many we inadvertently ran over I shudder to think.

Baz's rear gear cable sheared at the derailleur when we were out but we managed to cobble it up to get us home where it was replaced with a new one.

A 28 miler this morning to complete a good weeks riding with temperatures high (for us) with the occasional rainy periods. I managed my goal of 100 off road miles by going out on Saturday night (and getting soaked) so that Sundays ride wouldn't be too difficult to achieve it.

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