Friday, 28 December 2012

The mishap that never happened..........

The mountain biker coming down the way's being encouraged by Clive to cycle through the flooded part of the track in the hope I'd get a good picture of him falling off! (Not very sporting we know...but it would have been funny!)(To us)

Damn!! He's coming through no bother at all, now we'll have to go the other way to save face!

Clive decides against trying to cycle through this bit of the track.

Out with Clive to do the winter loop and to see what the sudden thaw had done to the small river up from the Howe. We weren't disappointed  with our struggle up past the Howe into a strong headwind, the normally placid burn was now a raging torrent and the track was un-cyclable (is that a word?) in bits. Amazing what a little snow followed by a quick thaw and heavy rain can do! 25 miles though and even though the feet were soaked at least they weren't frozen stiff this time.

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