Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hopeless trying to cycle in this!

This was my back garden this morning and about another 3 or 4 inches fell after that! My training has been badly interrupted and a strong letter will have to be sent to all those responsible for global warming theories who I feel are responsible for this type of weather!! It's SUMMER TIME for Gods sake!!!!!!!
(p.s.The bit that's cleared was for the birds to feed on.)
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Innerleithen/Southern Upland Way today.

Only Baz and myself today, and an early start made harder by the fact that the clocks went forward to British Summer Time this morning! We were off before 5.30 am and on the bikes at Innerleithen by 5 minutes past 6 to begin the climb to Minch Moor. A strong wind helped us on the climb to the top which we did in just over 1 hour 3 minutes and then helped to blow us along, the quite wet in places, Southern Upland Way to the Three Brethern. It was too windy and cold to stop there for too long and we descended the track into the trees to take some liquid on board and have an energy bar. All the technical bits were safely negotiated but the journey back to Innerleithen was into the same very strong wind and we decided against (thank goodness) doing the Z's , a mile long climb of some difficulty, so we could get home by 11am. The ride lasted just under 4 hours and to say I was pretty knackered at the end would be a huge understatement. Still that's Innerleithen for the first time this year and to coin a phrase "We'll be back) !!

A stretch of The Southern Upland Way that was being blasted by a very strong wind today.

Posted by PicasaTime for a quick drink before the next technical descent!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New route in the Pentland Hills today!

This morning we decided to do a bit more in the Pentland Hills instead of just the usual route, so it was an early start, save for Clive who's not too bright first thing! However he eventually surfaced and we reached the top of the track up from Flotterstone at about 7a.m. From there we branched out onto a new track for us which would take us back over the hills to Nine Mile Burn and it proved to be quite a tough climb for nearly the next 2 miles. Eventually we were able to descend and came down the grassy track like Meat Loaf's "Bat out of Hell" to arrive at Nine Mile Burn. After a trip along and then back again on a minor road as we did a bit of research for a later ride, we cycled back to Penicuik. Back along the cycle track to Rosewell, along the road to Polton, down the dreaded (for me anyway) Polton Brae then up a steep little track with a bit of pushing and back home. A round trip of 36 miles which I think we can stretch to over 40 with a bit more Pentland riding flung in.

p.s. I had to do another 1 mile later on in the day to get my total for the week up to 100. Just how sad was that!!!

This signpost sits high in the Pentland Hills to guide weary travellers like ourselves!

This unusual stone with a hollow in the middle is about 1 mile or so up from Nine Mile Burn. There were coins in the hollow, presumably tossed in for luck. I'd be very interested if anyone has any information about this stone.

A bit of puffing going on as Baz and Clive cycle up through the pass!

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Scenic Sunday in the Pentland Hills

Mountain biking through one of the old trails in the Pentland Hills this morning at 7 a.m.
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Saturday, 20 March 2010

A handsome little chap......

Posted by PicasaNot bike related I know, but there's a few of them suddenly appeared in the last few days and this little fella kindly posed for me today before he was gone with one quick leap!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

More mishaps than adventures today

We started out at Glentress at just after 6am this morning and it was mildly annoying that it was already pretty light especially given the array of torches on our handlebars and helmets! First mishap and it was to be a recurring one was that Baz's seat post kept slipping down into the frame make life difficult for him pedaling up the climbs. The frequent stops to readjust his seat post were actually quite welcome as we were still dressed for -6 and the temperature was now at plus 6. A few mishaps occurred near the top of the Red Route on the ice involving me slipping under the bike as I pushed it up a particularly icy section and all of us at some time on the descent down Spooky Wood through frozen snow. Baz was next to under perform when his "attempt"at the world track standing record ended with him rather unceremoniously falling off and into a ditch of snow. (I got the blame for that as I had cycled past too close to him!!). Clive's chain was next to fall apart, too much power he said, but I have my doubts about that one too! By this time Baz's chain and sprockets had decided enough was enough and were failing to mesh as soon as any power was applied,( looks like that's going to be a costly affair) and he was beginning to invent new profanities!

How we managed 20 miles goodness only knows, but it brought Clive's mileage for the week up to 176 miles and mine's to a more modest 106 miles. Baz's, sad to say, was only 20 miles and a failed track stand!

Clive negotiates a tricky section of Andy's Flume.

Baz searches for tools to repair yet another mishap!

World track standing record attempt ends in disaster!

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scenic Sunday in East Lothian, Scotland

Posted by PicasaLooking out from Yellowcraigs beach on the Firth of Forth towards, on the right, The Bass Rock and on the left 2 small islands one of which Uri Geller has bought and recently spent a day or two on. He apparently is convinced there is treasure buried on it! Who am I to argue, he's the millionaire!!
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Thursday, 11 March 2010

The conditions at Glentress last weekend

A short video showing some of the conditions at Glentress last Sunday.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Still snow and ice at Glentress

Clive giving a good impersonation of speed on an icy stretch of track!

Posted by PicasaWatch your back Baz, here comes Clive!
Went to Glentress this morning as the Pentlands are still snowbound and there seemed to be less snow down by Peebles, but once we had climbed up the tracks we ran into the white stuff yet again, mostly lying in some of the more sheltered bits where the sun hadn't reached. We managed to do 22 miles by riding on the lower tracks and doing the climb up to the buzzard car park three times! This was to enable Clive to reach his 100 miles for the week which we duly managed. I need 4 more miles for my 100 miles this week and I'm about to go out and do 4.1 miles to knock him into second place..........can't wait to text him with the news (childish I know, but good fun!)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The P7 gets its trial

Posted by PicasaOur P7s arrived yesterday, they're torches by the way, and Clive and I got them fixed on the bikes pronto and went out to trial them last night. They're rated at 900 lumens and whether they actually are that, they're pretty damned bright. The P7 is the black torch in the picture by the way, and though it might look like I have a surfeit of lights on the front of my bike, they all serve a particular purpose!! Anyway the P7 itself performed admirably both on full power (very strong) and reduced power (enough to see and be seen). A fine addition to my handlebar torch collection!!!!!!