Monday, 30 May 2016

It might have been misty but the riding was good!

Came across this sign on Saturday and wondered what the neighbours would say if I stuck it out in my front garden!  

Sunday and disaster strikes! A hole too big to be sealed on my tubeless tyre by Stans sealant, needless to say the language was pretty colourful until a tube had been inserted and we were on our way again!

Today, Monday, and Baz insisted on doing a snow angel in the bluebells in Bluebell Wood, I wonder if he'll do a bluebell angel in the snow next January

Black Springs and we're about halfway round our trip today, the temperature never quite reached 10C today, we're looking forward to getting a bit warmer in June.

The inevitable selfie at the start of the climb up to West Kip

Both Sunday and today, Monday, have been days when its started off with pea soup mist and eventually cleared up to reveal that there really is a sun above Scotland after all! The short sleeve tops are still in the drawers yet but I confidently predict (maybe) that they'll be out in 2 weeks time, this north wind has to stop blowing sometime, my theory is it's Donald Trump to blame, that hair of his has upset the whole Eco system.......

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Frustration (and desperation) for Clive on the Sunday morning bike ride

Clive arrives at Harlaw Ranger centre toilets only to find them out of order, "oh well on to Flotterstone" he said confidently......more later!

Photo bombed high in the Pentlands by two hill walkers!

Baz goes through with barely a splash

Clive goes through and nearly floods Edinburgh......

We've arrived at Flotterstone toilets only for Clive to discover its occupied by someone who appears to be going to spend the rest of the day there, oh well just have to head for home smartish like!
Kathy on Wednesday afternoon

With Mark on Wednesday evening and had to wait until the last stragglers of a running club came along the path in case we pushed them in the reservoir.....very tempting

Mixed week of weather but 150 off road miles.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dry weather = dry trails = good riding = good fun!

Monday, and Graeme and I managed to find the only bit of our route where it was possible to get your feet wet.....and even there it was difficult.

The track down to Lasswade and nobody I know's managed to cycle up these steps yet

Where's my right leg gone? Caught napping by the self timer I look like I could enter the Paralympics at Rio

Mishap of the week! Caught my forearm on a hinge sticking out from a post and managed to peel the skin right off, actually looks worse than it is

Saturday and the weather is cold but sunny and ideal (for me anyway) biking conditions, the winds from the north and the air is crystal clear.

Scotlands national flower, the bluebell, is starting to come into full bloom in the aptly named Bluebell Wood!

Flat calm at Black Springs.

A breather after the hard climb up the track along the side of Black Hill.

A week of cold but dry weather and the tracks are in great condition. 136 miles this week and I've managed to pass 2500 for the year as well so the 6000 target is still on but there's a long way to go and probably a few mishaps along the way!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Got rid of the snow and the weather's perking up...we've even seen the sun!!

Just look at that sky, hopefully we'll see a lot more of days like this!

Dougie jumps the rock on Wednesday night into a gale force wind and nearly takes off!

Marc, Dougie and Mark at the start of the notorious Castlelaw climb

The top of the Bavelaw climb and a vote had to be taken on which way we went.....naturally the most difficult route won hands down!

Out with Kathy on Thursday afternoon for a bit of triathlon training, does she never stop smiling?

I really like this photo of me, I actually look as if I know what I'm doing in it! 

Sunday morning and a lamb needed rescuing after it had stuck its head through a fence and then couldn't figure out how to remove it, I hate to say it, but they really are dumb animals! He must have been stuck for quite a while as the first thing he did was ran to his mother and got stuck in to having a great long feed. She had the decency to look at us with a (sheepish) look of thanks.

Monday started off horrendously weather wise but slowly improved as the week went on.Been out every day this week and managed to muster up 166 miles, and with no major mishaps at that! The forecast is for a few days at least of really good weather so I'll better make hay etc.