Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dark mornings, now earlier dark nights as well!

This morning at what we call "Gerhardt's Gate" (don't ask why"), the weather getting colder but at least it was dry if a bit greasy after some overnight rain.

A bit of shelter from the wind going through the trees along the side of Threapmuir Reservoir.

Anthea the Giant Anthem 29er went through the 1000 mile barrier since I bought her today, the back tyres getting replaced this week with a Nobby Nic, winter's on the way and I need more grip!

The clock changed back to GMT this morning and while it meant an hour longer in bed today it also signals earlier dark nights and means crap weather for biking ain't far away! Another 100 plus miles this week so I'm still on target for the 5200 miles by the end of the year, but it gets dodgy from now on with less daylight hours and the chance of snow. Fingers and everything else crossed!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Bazs long ride back to fitness

After somehow or other managing to rupture both achilles at the same time Baz had an operation to stitch them back to his calves and was then sent home to wear moon boots for nearly 2 months.

Eventually the moon boots came off and he was able to do some light exercise with his physios approval on a turbo trainer borrowed from Clive

On Friday afternoon we did an easy, fairly flat 13 miler, though he still insisted on walking any slopes or slightly tricky looking sections! 

Looking reasonably confident cycling on a level, obstacle free section of track!

Bazs' fight back to fitness took a gigantic step forward at the end of last week with his first double figure mileage bike ride since his injury in June. He still insists on everything being with the approval of his physio (when did he ever listen to anyones' advice before!). We managed 25 plus miles over the weekend and even though his calves still look like a couple of balloons filled with water I'm confident we can get him back to the hills in a couple of months (or so!!)

Monday, 12 October 2015

Heilan coos (Highland cattle) up the Pentland hills

Wouldn't like a poke in the backside from one of these horns!

This photo was taken on Thursday when you could see for miles.

This was Sunday morning and we were shrouded in mist

Down from the summit of Allermuir we came across the Highland cattle chewing the cud (or whatever they do while they're lying down)!

This one even poses for close ups!

Clive's not quite so sure about the bull though!

Clive and I did a shortish ride on Sunday morning up Castlelaw then Allermuir before descending by Boghall. The highlight was on the descent from the summit of Allermuir when we came out of the mist and almost ran into a small herd of Highland cattle lying in a sheltered spot.Although they look bloody fierce they're remarkably docile though we didn't try any matador tactics to annoy them.A good mornings cycle which also included a feast of blackberries down a field track near Boghall Farm, just the thing to start the day with!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Last 2 weeks have seen the best weather of the year!

The 2nd of October and the trails are bone dry, this doesn't happen too often in this neck of the woods!

Top of the Goat Track and it was so warm I had to stop and mop my sweaty brow!

This weather is all going to come to a horrible rainy, windy end but the last two weeks have been probably the best of the summer for mountain biking in Scotland, at least up in the Pentland Hills where I do the majority of mine. I always know when it's going to rain as a track near me which has very deep puddles eventually dries up more or less guaranteeing rain within a couple of days! That's all very well but at this time of year when it starts to rain it quite often doesn't know when to stop.
Anyways off out tomorrow morning as it's still forecast dry for a day or two!