Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bandit country up the Pentlands.......

The Bandit (which one?) undergoes pre-ride scrutiny! 

Mark descending at speed down Torduff Hill Strava segment.

Dougie in hot pursuit!

Dougie, Mark and me out last night up the Pentlands, Mark aboard his new Transition Bandit, resplendent in a fetching blue hue putting our drab dark coloured bikes to shame! Don't know if it's the new bike or new fitness but Mark certainly made his mark (?) last night with new PRs on several Strava segments both uphill and down! A great nights riding only marred by the appearance of the infamous Scottish midge which did its best to inflict as many bites on us as possible!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A weeks holiday in Cardiff then back to the Pentlands

The entrance to some of the tracks in the woods near Castle Coch outside Cardiff

Logan, age 7 casually cycling behind his dad in Heath Park, Cardiff.

Dave does the "wet feet" crossing.

I had a pinch puncture doing the "wet feet"!

The new addition to the family in Cardiff, Oscar the collie pup.

Logan in the park again

Sunday morning and its back up the Pentlands to low cloud and drizzly rain!

The view's not quite so spectacular in the rain!

After a week of holidaying with Dave and family in Cardiff and a fairish bit of mountain biking as well it was back this morning to the usual tracks up the Pentlands outside Edinburgh. The weather started off sunny at 6am but turned wet around 8am but didn't stop us managing just under 30 miles. The forecast for next week looks good, so here's hoping for things to dry up again so I can see what Mark and his new bike are like!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The last day of the charity ride

Mark surveys his bike which went into the front axle in muck, it would have been a spectacular over the bars!

The scenery around here is fantastic

This sign certainly describes the roads

The guard of honour line up at Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, the end of the ride and the most westerly point on the British mainland.

Julie being "coaxed" or is it bullied to do the ceremonial jump into the sea from the rocks!

Twin sister Karen shows how to do it in style!

Husband Rab's style is more basic!

The charity ride was completed in the 4 days with 161 miles covered, no accidents, apart from a few over the bars on the off road parts and only 2 punctures. The weather was amazing, not too hot and not too cold, the scenery was spectacular and most of all the company and friendships that were made will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Russell Hogg Trust Charity Ride, from Inverness to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse....

Big Alan trying to get some sleep amidst the chaos in our bunk-room the night before we set off!

Karen, Rab, Julie and wee "Brookie Wookie" with Gordon managing to get in on the act as well!

Brooke the "team mascot" limbering up just as we set off from Inverness!

Drumnadrochit Loch Ness visitor centre, has it ever had so many half daft bikers at one time?!

I tried to swap this humble abode for my house near Edinburgh but couldn't strike a deal.... 

Jaclyn did the river crossing in style at the Nevis Range trails.

The misery that is a bike push, it was just impossible to cycle up this section of track.

The hike a bike was all worthwhile when we ended up at the cairn at the summit where a hill walker appeared from nowhere and kindly took our picture before we rattled back down the descent to Strontian.

This was four of the best days I've ever spent on a bike with the greatest company you could wish for, mountain biking will never be the same again!!!