Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Down to the Esk at Polton, final part of the Sunday morning ride

Short video of the section of track down through the trees to the River Esk at Polton

Sunday, 24 May 2015

An embarrassing picture....

Before he would extract me from my bike Baz took several embarrassing photos of me and proceeded to post them on Facebook (the swine!) 

Right over Castlelaw today and a short rest before the grassy climb back up to gain some height again

The weather was beginning to clear as we headed down to Harlaw.

Not far to get home now.

Off at 5.30am this morning and the difference in temperature from yesterday was obvious right from the start, down from 18C to nearer 5C and light rain at first as well. This soon dried up and once we got into the hills and did a bit of climbing we soon warmed up. Main priority for me this week is to get a new 22 tooth granny ring, my old one was suffering chain suck and I replaced it with a 24 tooth one that was lying in the garage but 2 extra teeth make a helluva difference on a long hard climb so a new one has been ordered! An unfortunate fall today on a short sharp climb when I stalled, put my foot down and discovered there was nothing to stand it on, Baz only made things worse by insisting on photographing me before he untangled my legs from the bike. Over 29 miles today with lots of climbing and descending into the bargain.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

New front Mudhugger passes its first test with flying colours

Fed up with water and dirt flung up in my face I purchased the front Mudhugger extended version and it got a good try out today in wet miserable conditions

A picture taken mid week when the weather was a bit better showing the start of the bluebell season in Bluebell Wood

The descent down from the seven steps, the near frozen rain threatened to take the skin off our faces

Baz, just after the river crossing, he kept his feet dry.....I didn't and had frozen feet all the way home

5.30am start this morning and it wasn't long till the rain started driven by a strong wind. The temperature never rose more than a few degrees above freezing, don't you just love the Scottish weather in mid May!!
Fed up with constantly having rain etc. up in my face from the front wheel every time I did any fast descending I bought an extended version of the front Mudhugger and it got a good trial today, passing with flying colours. It's going to stay on permanently and if this crap weather continues the back Mudhugger will be going back on again as well for the rest of the so called "summer"! 26.5 wet and cold miles this morning, by the time we got home my hands were so cold I couldn't unfasten my helmet!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Home decorating and mountain biking don't mix too well!

Home decorating's been the order of the day and in order to gain some kudos I've been a good lad and got on with it, not without some grumbling mind you.....

Out last night for some fresh air away from the paint fumes and Mark and Dougie spoil a good view of Edinburgh from a vantage point up in the Pentland Hills!!

Dougie coming down the Torduff Descent at a fair rate of knots chasing Mark.

Time for a short breather and a biscuit!

Home decorating, what man likes doing that? It's something that has to be done especially when the threat of getting a professional in to do it is mentioned and the cost of that is taken into consideration. Hells teeth, I could buy another bike with what he would take to do the work, mind you he'd probably be a lot better at it. Last night was a night off so it was up the Pentlands for the Wednesday night foray with Mark and Dougie. The wind had dropped from the day before but the temperature was still at best only 5c, there wasn't too much sweating at that temperature, still a good ride and nearly 40 miles for the day. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Innerleithen loop via Gypsy Glen and Glentress

The five of us not long after we'd started (still feeling fresh!)

High point of the track over to Gypsy Glen, time for some refreshments.

Young Marc shows us how to descend a flight of steps in Peebles (and survive)

Getting our breath back after the mad descent down from the mast on the Glentress Black.

The old abandoned reservoir that at one time supplied water for a textile mill in the valley below.

A trip today that just failed to make epic status, but only just, that started and finished in Innerleithen but took in Traquair, Gypsy Glen, Peebles and Glentress with the fast and furious descent from the mast at the top of Glenterss Black followed by the climb again up through Caberstone Forest and the final descent back down to Innerleithen. Simon who pedalled with us is more into downhill and suffered on some of the climbs to the extent that he posted on Strava that climbing stairs after he got home was a no brainer! It's always good to see someone suffer when you feel not too bad yourself!!