Friday, 8 June 2018

A cover up job....I should have been a plastic surgeon!

This is the result of a sharp right hand corner stall resulting in a fall into an extremely prickly gorse bush. I lay in it for about 30 seconds trying to extricate myself with the least damage possible! It's actually not as bad as it looks but my other half would have gone scatty if she'd seen it like that so special measures were called for...... 

Special measures consist of first of all a little super glue spread over the lacerations to stop the bleeding, once that's set a tube of good old Max Factor which I keep handily tucked away in a drawer is called into action to finish the cover up job!

With the addition of a plaster to get the sympathy vote the job is done, I should have been a make up artist.....or maybe it's a con artist!

The weather's looking good for tomorrow' trip up the Pentlands, it was to have been Glentress but there's a race on there this weekend so it'll be too busy for mere mortals like us.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

A wee project I’ve been working on......

More or less finished, this Marin Attack Trail which a friends son had acquired with a few parts missing, in its day it would be “cutting edge”, nowadays it seems to weigh a ton! But still in its own way, quite a nice looking bike