Sunday, 28 August 2016

Trying to fast track back to my weight before my 9 days off the bike

Wednesday night and it was up Black Hill to get the belly and the legs back up to scratch!

A photo Mark took just before sunset on a magnificent Wednesday night. 

Friday and it was back up Black hill with Kathy again on the fitness trail!

Halfway up the Black Hill climb and Kathy keeps on going, its a long hard climb of 1.5 miles! 

I was encouraging her to do this drop off and to her credit she (eventually) did!!

Saturday and the punishment continued with Baz this time and a trip from Innerleithen along to the 3 Brethern and then down to the river Tweed and back along to Innerleithen again.

The top of Minch Moor after the climb up the X country track from Innerleithen

Finally, today Sunday, and another journey up Black Hill, this time into the mist, but the descent makes it all worth while!

Came back after a week off the bike to discover I was nearly half a stone heavier than the previous week so some drastic mountain biking was called for. The full Castlelaw climb and Black Hill climb were called into action and by today I've managed to shed most of the excess pounds though the legs are feeling the effect of the punishment. Now to get back on the go again for the 6000 mile off road target by the end of the year. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

When a panoramic photo goes horribly wrong!!

I tried to get Clive to walk round as I took a panoramic photo and this was the result!

This is how it looked with Clive stationary, think I prefer the top one!
The bottom of what, though it doesn't look it here,must be one of the steepest descents in the Pentlands.
A good 20 miler last night to find the steep descent from Bells Hill in the Pentlands, a hard climb up to it but well worth it for the descent down the other side.