Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A minor mishap in Cardiff!

Posted by PicasaJust back from a few days in Cardiff where I'm glad to report the family tradition of crashing of one's bike is being carried on by some of the younger members. Here is Duncan who kindly lay on the ice till I got my phone out and took a picture of him, that's dedication for you!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My own unique front mud/water guard!!

Posted by PicasaThis rather odd looking contraption fitted to the front fork is my own take on a front mudguard. Formed initially from a front Crud Catcher that fitted on the down tube, it incorporates a front water disperser (the odd looking bit on the front!). This has a cleverly designed (my words!) V shaped bit that deflects the water and spray to either side, rather than up in the rider's eyes. Well that's the theory anyway!! I've been told by a riding companion that he's embarrassed to be seen with me and my invention!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Does this only happen in Central Scotland?

Santa came down our street on Sunday night in his sleigh collecting for the children's gala next summer............ with a host of burly minders and a police van for company! When I asked a policewoman mounted on a quad bike why, she replied, " He sometimes gets egged"!!!!! Presumably some of the local Ned's must nick eggs (they certainly wont buy them) and indulge in a bit of target practice at the rather portly man in red!

Is this peculiar to our neck of the woods? I'd like to know. (At least the police weren't armed) (I think !!)

Santa, accompanied by the police and a few hefty minders!!

Posted by PicasaWho ate all the pies then, Santa?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Cold weather training with a vengeance

This morning Clive and I set off from the house at 7 am at a temperature of minus 5.5 Celsius. Ever since our maniacal Prime Minister became fixated with global warming or the more convenient term "climate change" we've been freezing our brass monkeys to bits. The 19 mile plus round trip to Penicuik was a mixture of snow and ice with the worst bits on the side roads that hadn't been gritted. I've been trying out a variety of tyres (I have quite a selection now!) and the latest pairing is high volume, with low pressure to give a bigger footprint for more grip and less sliding on the ice, I think it's successful as I only came off once! That was about the only mishap today apart from a 3 inch icicle forming from my nose just after the start of the ride.

The snowy Pentland Hills in the distance.

Posted by PicasaYou can just make out the icicles hang from the inside of the old railway tunnel.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Freezing fog at low level but glorious higher up!

A brilliant morning's riding at Glentress. A temperature of -3 Celsius and freezing fog at the start this morning but once higher up and a little later on the sun appeared and the view of the Tweed valley was tremendous, with the fog snaking down the path of the river. In fact it's the first time we've seen the sun at Glentress for over a month (and it didn't rain either)! The only downside was the fact that various parts of the bikes kept freezing up, e.g. front and rear derailleurs and the the jockey wheels on Baz's drive train for some reason! 26 and a half miles ridden and not a crash, we're surely taking it too easy these days!

The hardy riders cars parked in the freezing fog at the bottom car park!

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Skywatch Scotland 20

Posted by PicasaThe two Forth Bridges, road and rail, stand out against a crisp December sky. It was only after I had downloaded this picture that I realised the waste bin took centre stage in it!!
For more skywatch pictures look here.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Global warming hasn't reached Midlothian

Went out last night for a ride, well clothed for the sub zero temperature, but the problem was that after I had ridden through the woods, which were still muddy, I then got out into the open air and the low temperature. The result was the bike slowly froze up, front derailleur, rear derailleur, and finally the freewheel hub! In fact when I did eventually struggle home the bike weighed half as much again as usual due to all the frozen muck on the frame etc.
Sometimes I think this "global warming" nonsense would be quite welcome!