Tuesday, 18 September 2018

When you're pedalling furiously and going nowhere......

Before it all went wrong! We'd gone about another mile and were near the top of Maidens Cleugh when there was an almighty crack from my bike and I ended up spinning the pedals with no forward motion, a quick inspection revealed the free hub to be the reason for lack of movement and I had to head for base camp while the other three continued on.

After I got home, which didn'tactuallytake too long considering it was about seven miles but mainly downhill, I removed the cassette from the wheel, took off the free hub and discovered one of the pawls had broken, I put the cassette onto another spare wheel and cycled back to meet up with the others who were on the return leg, they'd been held up with one of Garry's wheels which was refusing to seal after he'd dented the rim trying to clear a water butt and not quite making it, so there had been numerous stops to blow it up!

Mark and I were out last Friday and took a few pictures at Harlaw reservoir showing just how low the level of water was in it.

Mark and I did a 28 miler on Monday and discovered that the Red Road up to West Kip was in a horrific mess from logging operations, some of the tracks were over 3 feet deep in places! And to think bikers get a rollicking if they as much as leave a 6 inch skid mark, hopefully the track will be reinstated, we'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure.

Finally, I went out today for a short low level ride, the wind was too high for anything up the hills and the forecast for tomorrow is horrendous, so make hay while the sun shines!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The things you see on a mountain bike.... a man in full Highland regalia with his bagpipes halfway up a mountain!

Don't know if he was about to play some mournful dirge to some late lamented soul or if he was being filmed for some commercial advert, but he very kindly conjured up a smile for my camera even though his teeth were chattering with the cold!

Mad Max was back on one of his infrequent visits, mainly to test out his new 1x10 drive chain and pronounced himself satisfied with the result, a few more rides are planned before he heads back south to resume terrorising the natives south of the border!

I've taken to adding in this short section of track if I'm out on a solo ride, it's not overly technical but has interesting little obstacles to ride over and duck under and most of all.... it's sheltered if it's a windy day!

Last weekend Barrie and I did the climb from Boghall Farm to the top of Allermuir and it was probably the driest I've ever seen it, the resulting photo taken at the summit in no way shows just how knackered I was. The descent, however, made up for the pain of the climb!

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Over the Pentlands via Penicuik House then Carlops and the North Esk Reservoir

Before we'd even properly started Clive whacked his shin on a pedal and produced what looked like a mini Vesuvius about to erupt!

We arrived at Carlops with 15.5 miles done and promptly took the wrong turning, it gave a good photo opportunity though.

We found the right track and began the climb to North Esk Reservoir

Which we eventually reached and cycled round to the north end to begin a slightly more technical climb

Conditions on the climb must be about the driest they could possibly be and made things relatively easy.

An obligatory photo of the three of us at the top of the climb..... now for the descent which was fast and furious on a gravel road and not the slippy railway sleepers that used to form a lot of the way down.

Next on the list for a bit of fun was Threipmuir Reservoir which is only a giant puddle presently and Barrie insisted on being photographed biking down the dam and into the nearly dry reservoir!

Look at my wheelie he shouted triumphantly as he got the front of the bike up in the air!

Pride comes before a fall, so the saying goes, and it came true here!

A 35 miler today, the longest I've done for a while,and it was a route we've not done for at least a couple of years, conditions couldn't have been better and we even had a tail wind on the final stretch home!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Out comes the mudhugger again....the rainy seasons are back

Clive agreed with me that a wet backside was not the most comfortable feeling on a 3 hour bike trip so the mudhuggers were dug out of their hiding places in our respective garages and while I've only put it on one of my bikes, Clives' plumped for it as a permanent fixture on his Fuji, which should more or less guarantee dry weather for the next two months!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Dreich doesn’t even begin to describe the weather today!

One of the few photos that wasn’t rain splattered today 

Clive just after he’d gone over the bars when his glasses became impossible to see through 
To round the trip off Barrie discovered hisD linkage bust, for how long is anybody’s guess but it could explain the creaking noises we’d heard!

The weather was the complete opposite of last Saturday and we finished the ride cold and wet, but that’s Scotland for you, never a dull moment with the weather, over 28 wet and windy miles done!

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Back up the Kirk Road again

What a fantastic morning after a dire weather forecast, this was the start of the descent from the side of  West Kip 

Going down!

Met a couple of guys flying a drone,seemed about as much fun as watching rain dribbling down a window 

On the way up the Kirk Road, it does get steeper......

A lot steeper.

And finally the view 

And then the descent!

A wee while since we’ve done it but today the sun shone to make it a memorable ride, just over 26 miles and2.2k feet of climbing to make it a good mornings ride

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Crash caught on camera as it happened....

This was a photo I grabbed from a video that was running as I came to grief on,in my opinion, a tricky greasy descent, the end result was several bits of skin removed from my arm and the usual blood everywhere (for me that's usual)!

At the same time as I was coming off Clive was having a similar result just slightly further down, though in his case no skin was removed! 

A bit further on Barrie and Roger were experiencing their own problems with the greasy conditions which made walking almost as difficult as biking !

Another day of blood, plenty sweat but no tears at a very humid Glentress.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Going down the 1x10 route

After converting my own 2 Giant Anthems to 1x10 gearing I felt I’d learned from my mistakes and was confident enough to do first of all, Barrie’s old Giant Trance.

And then Clive’s Fuji, the result of which will be known tomorrow when we hit Glentress.....fingers crossed!