Saturday, 14 September 2019

Barrie's ebike is christened "The Blue Flash"!

What else could you call such a bonny looking bike, makes mine look like some pre-war model!
At least he gave me a little pedal on it just to whet my appetite for getting my Trek back which incidentally is getting a new frame under warranty so I'm looking forward to that!

A quick stop to puzzle out which is the most environmentally friendly means of travel, a horse or an ebike, hmmm, have to think about that...

A nonchalant looking Barrie who went one way on the winter loop while I went the other way on the non ebike, when we met up he'd done at least 5 miles more than me, but I've been assured my ebike will be back in my  hands by the end of next week, raring to go against "The Blue Flash"!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

My bike's in bike hospital and Barrie's making an assault on my Strava KOMs!

Barrie's Giant ebike sits at the top of Allermuir taunting me but at least I still hold the ebike KOM for the climb....but for how much longer?

Another photo to haunt or is it taunt me, this time at the top of Castlelaw up the infamous climb called the "Grunt" (for very good reasons) at least he had the decency to say it had been quite hard!

All I can do is wait until my bike returns with its problem main pivot bearing resolved, its been sent back to Trek so hopefully it should be fixed soon, until then it's going to be back on the acoustic....ouch!!!

Monday, 2 September 2019

Breaking news, Barrie set to join the ebike clan!

Barrie "admiring" my ebike after astonishing himself how easy it was to bike right to the top of the Kirk Road in the Pentland Hills, something that he's had to hike a bike the last 100 yards any time he's done it before! No sooner was he back home than he was on the internet looking for the best deal he could find and ended up ordering a GiantTrance E+2, It'll make mine look like an old Lada beside it!

This could possibly be the last photo of Barrie taken lagging behind me on a climb, Dougie, also in the picture beside Barrie remains to be convinced on the merits of an ebike however!

In the meantime I'm off on holiday for a week so its time to get Ernie, my ebike, into bike hospital for a bit of treatment to bearing thats gone wonky! 
Cant wait to come back and see Barries new bike!!!

Sunday, 18 August 2019

The ebike's beginning to feel the strain....

With a summer spent almost continually splashing through water and muck it's no surprise that there's a bit of wear and tear beginning to show on some of the suspension bearings, so the bike's going to 
 have to go in for some work on the worn bits as soon as I can get a bike carrier fit to transport it to the bike hospital.

A bit of fun on Wednesday with first of all Dougie riding through a fairly deep water crossing


Then Roger at night doing it, unfortunately neither fell off for what would have been a great photo!

Even got Barrie through it on Thursday, but by this time the level had dropped a bit and the weather had improved as well.

Out this morning and it was back to "pretty grim" windy and heavy rain showers, the front wheel stopped dead in a muddy hole and I came off and fell in it resulting in wiping myself "clean-ish" with some long grass, the only thing I could find available....ah the joys of mountain biking in Scotland!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

You cant even ebike in torrential rain.....we're due a weather improvement soon!

The week actually started off ok, this was on Monday, but went downhill from then onwards

By Wednesday it was a case of getting out between the thunder storms though the beauty of the ebike is you can pack a lot of biking in to a short space of time

A quick check on the weather forecast this morning and I could see there was to be heavy rain later on in the day so a quick solo ride up the Pentlands was called for and I made it back just in time!
Surely this rubbish weather cant continue too much longer, where's all this prolonged dry stuff that was forecast by the so called experts a few years back....I live in hope!

Monday, 5 August 2019

More strange happenings in the Pentland Hills.... and narrowly missing a cloudburst

Who looses a walking boot in the hills and doesn't notice it's gone, this is a puzzle that had me at least beaten, I've a mental picture of someone hopping down a path unable to work out what was causing their problem....

And what was thing you'd least expect to meet up in the hills on a Wednesday night, maybe four young French folk, but for them to be accompanied by their pet goat was stretching it a bit, the goat however was impeccably behaved and didn't try to eat our bike tyres or such like...

The French goat, who I called Macron, eyed me up suspiciously while Dougie and Roger kept a safe distance...just in case!

Glentress with Barrie on Saturday on a glorious summers morning for a great ride in great conditions.

Sunday and a quick look at the weather forecast for the week and it was back on with the rear mudhugger, it doesn't look like there's going to be many dry days for a while!

Sunday evening and Clive and I went out on the bikes and somehow missed a thunderstorm and cloudburst up the Pentland Hills, more by luck than anything else! However though it was a bit on the splashy side it was a good ride!

Sunday, 28 July 2019

3000 miles off road, up on the ebike since new! And how very hot weather affects some people.....

It was about this point on Wednesday night when I was out with Dougie that I clocked up the 3000 miles mark on Ernie the ebike! I started on it in the second week of November last year so it hasn't taken that long to bang up the miles and 90% of them will have been off road.

The warm weather we enjoyed for a few days certainly makes some folk act strange, the last thing I expected on Tuesday afternoon in the Pentland Hills was to meet a guy striding towards me wearing a nothing but a pair of speedos, he had quite a way from there to get a swimming pool and I wasn't hanging around to ask him where he'd left the rest of his clothes....

Saturday morning and things on the weather front were more or less back to normal as Barrie and I decided on a Pentlands ride rather than Glentress as the weather looked a bit dodgy and so it turned out. I could have boiled an egg in the water that came out my shoes by the time we had finished,to make matters worse my Garmin decided to switch off at one point as well and I must have done 5 miles before I noticed....cant say I blamed it, the weather was pretty dire!

Out with Clive this morning, Sunday, and no great improvement in the weather either, it started of misty, got quite foggy and then chucked down rain for the last 10 miles home, never a dull moment mountain biking in Scotland!!

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Back from holiday.....back on the ebike!

Kefalonia where I spent a week in wall to wall sunshine....not something a Scotsman experiences very often in his life! A  great time had by all concerned but a week of intense heat made me hanker after an ebike ride in the cool Scottish hills!

A week of dog sitting followed the holiday, looking after Barries mutt, and who couldn't be charmed by this little rascal who's obedience is legendary (in that it's non existent)

There was however time for the odd ebike ride in the Pentland Hills in between dog walking (and rain showers)

Some days the sun even shone and made it even more enjoyable....

I came across the sheep being clipped at Castlelaw farm, a different set up to how I did it as a young man with the bladed hand shears, there wasn't as much blood being spilled as there was when I used to do it

Down to Glentress this morning, first time for a few weeks, and we met up with two guys from Fife at the Mast at the top of the black route.
All in, a good week back on the bike with just short of 100 miles ridden and over 10000 feet of climbing, hope fully more of the same next week.