Sunday, 23 December 2012

This must have been the most miserable morning yet!

The flat tyre before everything went haywire....

Everything's haywire now! The spare tube presta valve's come to bits, its pouring rain and it feels like our fingers are made of ice, the world's definitely coming to an end!!

I needed 5.5 miles for my hundred miles this week when we set off at 6am this morning. By the time we'd gone half a mile it was chucking it down and Baz was contemplating an about turn, but ever the optimist I managed to keep him going and it actually eased up on the rain for a spell. We eventually turned for home when the wind got really strong and the rain got a bit heavier again and made our BIG mistake.  Instead of the slightly longer and muddier route home we took the shorter but more puncture likely path where the hawthorn hedges had been cut. Needless to say Baz had a flat and with little shelter and hands that were frozen we changed the tube..........only for the spare tubes' presta valve to fall to pieces. After about six attempts at fixing it and with tempers getting shorter by the second  I set off for home to get the van to come back and pick Baz and bike up. I thought I'd set a smartish pace home but when I came back to pick him up       I was questioned why I'd gone the way I did (some folk!!)
That's not the first time that's happened to us with prestas, I've changed mine to shraeders and I think Baz will be as well. At least I reached my 100 miles though, in fact I reached 112!!

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