Sunday, 13 January 2013

Frost and snow return

This was taken today (Sunday) and there's a dusting of snow as Clive blows his tyre up at the Howe, though by the time I post this it's snowing heavily.

Saturday night at the top of Castlelaw and already the daylight's starting to stretch out a bit.

Allermuir Hill, where we're heading, and boy was it cold up the top of there, -4c with a strong wind!

Out on Saturday night with Baz for a 27.5 miler in temperatures below zero all of the time and nothing but trouble with my Bontrager freehub  which continually freezes up when the temperature goes below -3c resulting in Baz and me peeing on it  several times to thaw it out. This is OK once or twice but becomes quite difficult after a while!
Sunday morning out with Clive needing 15 miles for my 100 for the week and we managed a healthy 20 even though it snowed the whole time we were out.

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