Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ice Spikers in abundance and a new addition to the stable

The "new" addition, a Giant Anthem built from an 08 frame off ebay and bits and pieces I had lying around, well I did have to buy some new bits!

A inch or so of snow when I went out on the "maiden voyage" on the Anthem.

Back out again at night with another three bikers, Mad Mark (well named) Dougie (who's reasonably sensible) and Dave "Drookit Nipples" Hodgson who sounds suitably mad to be going out with us up into the Pentlands at night in sub zero temperatures. Three of us were equipped with Ice Spikers (studded tyres) Dougie being the odd man out and braving the elements on his super tacks Maxiss High Rollers. The temperature did in fact fall to below -8c at one point resulting in frozen derailleurs and in Marks case a frozen freewheel hub, unfortunately no-one could summon up the courage ( or the desire) to pee on it and defrost it. As we hadn't far to go and it was mainly downhill Dougie pushed Mark a fair bit of the way back to his car. 23 miles done and only one off for me which considering my back tyre was self studded wasn't bad. Good news is Baz has said he'll give me another one for Xmas .

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