Friday, 23 November 2012

Dog attack!!

It's bad enough getting injured going over the bars but when you get a dog having three goes at your leg it takes a lot of self restraint, something I've not got a lot of, to keep from letting loose a stream of foul and abusive language. In this case the owner  was an elderly lady who seemed to get an even bigger shock than I did when her pet whippet sank its teeth into my leg not once but three times just to make sure I got the message! I think in fact I ended up apologising to her because she looked as if she was going to have a heart attack!

My first attempt with the self timer on the camera!

This is actually the track I should cycle up but the recent heavy rains have burst the banks  and made life a bit more difficult here.

21 miles today to keep the mileage moving along, and I went for an anti tetanus jag after I got home, here's hoping the mutt didn't have rabies!

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Nannie Leick said...

Oh my Dog! xD I bet you read that wrong. Dogs just don't attack, except if you are in a zone of their guarding place. However, the owners should be responsible enough to keep them from attacking individuals. Some ways that I can think of is to put them in a cage or keep them in leash. I feel sorry for what happened to you. For people like us, we should be very careful on how we interact with dogs. When they start to bark viciously, it means that they're giving us a warning. Did you get yourself checked? Rabies is extremely dangerous.

Nannie Leick