Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday bike ride -8c......

Top of Maidens Cleugh and its a brain freezer at -8c

I reckon we were the first bikes up the track to West Kip since the snow fell.

Made it to the foot of West Kip where we turned round and had a fantastic descent back down on the frozen snow.

First day of British Summer Time so there was an hour less in bed but we still made it out by 6am and into freezing cold air. The temperature dropped to over -8c at one point but at least there was no wind. Conditions, apart from the low temperature and snow, were perfect in that the ground was rock hard , so no slogging up soft grass and even the snow where walkers had been was frozen solid making it relatively easy to ride on. We got right up to the foot of West Kip but the track round the side was non rideable so we came back down the way we'd come up and that turned out to be the highlight of the ride, fast and furious with loads of jumps over frozen snowdrifts. Out for 4 hours and over 29 miles done, what a way to celebrate Easter!

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