Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Testing, testing....

The new North Wave Artics passed the the test with flying colours.

Clives rear end before we went out on the test run for the Butt Fender.

Clives rear end after the test run in wet muddy conditions, a definite fail for the Butt Fender.

A test ride for a few changes and accessories to the bikes was done at the weekend. For myself there were the new North Wave Artic shoes, a 5 star pass, the new, to my bike, full length outer gear cables, also 5 star and the new tyres, Schwalbe Rocket Rons, which also passed with full marks.
Clives testers were a Butt Fender which failed miserably, though to be fair was probably designed for a 26er rather than a 29er, his new tyres Maxxis Nobby Nics which gained full marks and his new Fuji 29er  which he gave full marks to as well

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