Monday, 22 July 2013

High jinks in high temperatures!

The start of the route just outside Salen

Leaving civilisation behind for a few hours

The road through the forest had numerous fallen trees to negotiate

Out in the wilds at this point

Is this the it's Sanna Sands in the Western Highlands of Scotland!

Destination reached, now for the 25 mile cycle back to the car (by road)

On Saturday Baz and me set off to do what we didn't manage on our coast toast charity ride, that was the final leg off road from Salen to Ardnamurchan lighthouse. The weather was perfect and just as well as we crossed about 3 bogs which could have swallowed us up in a normal Scottish summer but this year with a bit of care were crossable, if that's a word! One of the highlights was meeting a German couple in the middle of nowhere who were on a walking holiday but were finding the heat a bit too much, I bet they never expected that in Scotland. The whole journey took 8.5 hours and isn't one I'd care to repeat but its ticked and done!!

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