Sunday, 28 July 2013

Four punctures in one ride....then soaked in a thunderstorm!

Trying to look happy pumping up the fourth puncture of the day in a thunderstorm!

The trials and tribulations of being a mountain bike continues, some days everything goes according to plan.....then you get a day like yesterday when very little did. Four punctures between Baz and me but at least we had a good pump to blow them up even though it was Clive's! He also provided Baz with a spare 29er tube when he had his second flat, luckily he got off scot free, which is quite ironic as he's English!
But for the punctures we would have been home and dry but just to finish off a day of mishaps the heavens opened for the last five miles to have the water running out the back of our shorts by the time we got home! Apart from these minor mishaps it was a great ride of over 28 miles! 

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