Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lost my biking mojo but managed to hunt it down and regain it!

I lost my biking lust for nearly two weeks due to the fact that my daughter in law in Cardiff developed a very serious neurological condition that left her paralysed down one side and the family call to drive down and help out was stronger than any desire to go out on a bike. the condition appears to have stabilised although recovery is going to be a long slow process, up to a year a specialist said, but at least a start has been made.
So back up the road to chilly Scotland we drove, it's certainly a good few degrees warmer in the south of Britain, and on Sunday night I went out for a 13 miler to see how I felt. Even though I got caught in a heavy shower of rain it felt quite good so I arranged with Clive, who's on holiday for a week, to go out the next day. We started off with no particular plan of action but the old desire to push myself returned and we ended up doing 25.5 miles with me finding my mojo and Clive nearly losing a testicle when he came off on a particularly steep descent!!
Clive at the bottom of West Kip, still in one piece.......

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