Sunday, 16 March 2014

Another one bites the dust....or actually slimy water...

When will they ever learn.......not to try and cycle over a cobbled reservoir overflow even though the water is only less than two inches deep? Baz and Clive did it today and although Baz made it across the trickle Clive wasn't so successful and went down with a thud into the slimy water and refused to lie there till I took his photograph! A blatant abuse of protocol whereby you have to lie until you're pictured in your misery.....unless it's me......cause I've got the camera! Anyway he emerged  unscathed with only his dignity slightly dented and got absolutely no sympathy from either Baz or me, to be honest he knew he wouldn't get any anyway!  

32 miles today and the tracks are drying fast with the strong winds that have returned, it was a relief to finally turn for home and get the wind in our backs.

A bite to eat for Clive at the foot of West Kip with the sheep running away from Baz's attempts to lure them closer! 

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