Sunday, 23 March 2014

From warm to freezing in 5 minutes

Just look at that sky! At this point it wasn't exactly boiling hot but more pleasantly warm and the views were spectacular in the clear air and.......believe it or not....the wind wasn't gale force.
Baz sets off down the descent towards Phantoms Cleugh with me in hot pursuit.
Going over the track from Harelaw Reservoir to Black Hill and the suns still shining!
The self timer was working overtime today, this was us near the end of the track along Black Hill.
Glencorse Reservoir is undergoing work on the dam just now and the water is at an all time low. By the time this photo was taken we were out of the sun and the temperature dropped like a stone below freezing.

A late afternoon ride today in brilliant sunshine when we started and me laughing at Baz wearing his jacket and tights.....the boot was on the other foot by time we had finished, the sun disappeared behind the hills and the temperature plummeted below zero! A great 23.5 mile ride with the highlight probably the track along Black Hill which was drier than we thought it could possibly be. This is us into the fourth day of spring and by the end of the ride I was probably the coldest I've been since the start of the winter! 

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