Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring's arrived with a bang....might leave again just as quick

Spring's sprung on top of us before we knew it, the weather's gone from ridiculously windy and wet to calm and sunny, though its still frosty at night. I did a 26 mile solo on Monday up in the hills and a 31 miler with Dougie on Tuesday when we went over the Pentlands and down into Edinburgh along cycle paths I never knew existed eventually being spat out less than half a mile from home and nearly on time for my tea! Wednesday night it was back up the Pentlands again for the winter loop and shorts were the order of the day. Today after a bit of wheel bearing fiddling and chain swapping I went out for a leisurely 13 miler.
The start of Bluebell Wood and wide bars can be a problem

Beginning to get the hang of the self timer on the camera

Another "selfie" probably my better side

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