Sunday, 9 March 2014

Innerleithen/Glentress/Caberston/Innerleithen again

All parked up and ready to go.

Top of the black at Glentress.

The start of the climb at the golf course at Caberston and time for a drink.

Nearly at the top of Caberston and time for another break!

Clive descends the finish of a technical section of Caberston.

Six of us out for a loop from Innerleithen to Glentress along the path along the Tweed, then up the black route to the top at the radio mast. From there it was hard left down a landrover track and a hair raising descent of over a mile at high speed on a greasy track back down to the road that's known as the Granites (I think)! From there a pedal into a strong headwind until we came to the golf course outside Innerleithen where we turned up into Caberston Forest. After a climb of a mile or so we had a good technical descent back down to Innerleithen and then had the dodgiest section of the day, cycling back along the main street of Innerleithen in a gale force blustery wind that threatened to blow you in front of a car!
A great days biking on some new bits of route for us all. 

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