Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Another night ride and no mishaps!

This was to be Baz and myselfs second night ride at Glentress and the only mishap was Baz over tightening his new front light mount which promptly broke under the force inflicted on it, to the amusement of myself, and some rude words from him.
However as usual we did a bodge up with some insulation tape and a selection of rubber bands cut from an old inner tube and everything was hunky dory.
The new light I had on my helmet worked really well and lasted the hour and three quarters we were out riding with still plenty left at the end.
13 miles were covered all relatively uneventful at an average speed of 8mph which isn't far off daytime speed, so the lights have been voted a hit. What was surprising was the number of other riders we encountered out on the track, quite weird seeing the lights glinting up the forest, disappearing then reappearing again through the trees. Got home at the back of 10pm, to the usual female cry of " you must be mad, how can you enjoy that!"
Probably we are..............

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