Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The led bike lights get serious!

Led bike light mania has arrived! Clive phoned last night to say he'd been putting the news about at his work to fellow bikers about the success of the lights we'd bought. Holy moly we've got an order all together for :- 10 lights, 20 rechargeable batteries and 4 battery chargers, could I come over,(I live next door) and help with administration (my words not his!).
After a bit of Internet faffing around we eventually got the order together but the site would not accept his credit card. After about six attempts he eventually called the credit card company who had blocked payment in case of fraud, I suppose 10 lights, 20 batteries and 4 chargers did have a hint of suspicion about it. Anyway all was cleared up and the transaction went ahead, I only hope everyone wants their lights now or our bikes are gonna be a bit front heavy and Glentress Forest is gonna be lit up like Blackpool Illuminations !


Pyatshaw said...


Duncan said...

Granpops I hope these new lights are a bit lighter (pardon the pun) than your current car battery type!!!

jeek said...

The light is light (your pun is pardoned but only just!)