Sunday, 1 February 2009

The village of Temple and Gladhouse Reservoir

Main road into Temple

Whats he been up to round the back of the logs?!

Road along the north side of Gladhouse Resevoir

Very grand rest home on outskirts of Penicuik
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Today's ride was on the roads of Midlothian through the villages of Carrington and then the quaintly named Temple. While Carrington is mainly flat, Temple is built on quite a steep hill or brae. From there we carried on to the Gladhouse Reservoir which I have heard being called "Gladys Reservoir" by one local worthy who has now sadly passed on to the big reservoir in the sky. This is apparently the biggest stretch of fresh water in Midlothian and is one of the main providers of drinking water to Edinburgh as well as being a popular brown trout fishery. On the way back home we did a short detour up a track and discovered a rather grand house which appears to have gone the way of many grand houses and is now an old (rather rich) folks home.
Forty miles yesterday and thirty one today, not bad for a winters weekend .

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Pyatshaw said...

You didn't mention how long you rested at the "posh" home......or is that to come?