Monday 27 July 2009

The Cycle path round Loch Leven

I'll describe the path from Vane Farm around the north shore of Loch Leven to Kinross as a cycle path and risk the wrath of all the folk who walk it rather than do the sensible thing and bike it!! (only joking by the way, don't want to upset the rambling fraternity!)

Did it on Saturday for the first time and though I was born and brought up there I saw the views round the loch in a completely different perspective from before. The journey from Findatie car park to Kinross was approximately 7.5 miles and the cup of coffee at the Bistro beside the pier at Kinross where the boat takes visitors to the Castle Island of Mary Queen of Scots fame was very welcome. On the way we passed by my birthplace at Grahamstone Farm where I emerged bawling and screaming into the world. On the return journey we did a short detour up the track to the Larder, another restaurant cum coffee shop and had an ice cream, well it was a warm day! The wild life would appear to co-exist with the walkers and cyclists as the birds seem unnerved by their presence and we even had a deer run over the path in front of us. Well worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

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Duncan said...

Can we assume granma was there since the cycle ride seem to consist of copious amounts of coffee stops