Saturday, 4 July 2009

The little mermaid of Port Seton?

Colourful wall at the shore in Prestonpans

Posted by PicasaDon't know who built these chimney towers at Cockenzie but they don't look straight!


Pyatshaw said...

The Port Seton harbour area looks quite quaint. How could one of my daughters have left this village for a new life in Australia?
By the way, has your wife seen the state of that pillar she is resting upon?

jrl said...

What about the old house??? You couldn't have gone all the way to Port Seton without checking it out?!

jeek said...

Your old house is up a road with REAL cars driving on it, my cycling companion aint too hot on these type of roads!!!!!

Linda said...

Nice reminder of a few weeks back when it wasn't pouring. But that's the Scottish summer - catch it while you can.