Sunday, 30 August 2009

30 mile sprint at Innerleithen!

Today's ride at Innerleithen turned into a 30 mile sprint in order to get Clive home in time to take his 4 year old daughter to the Edinburgh Book Festival. He said he could only manage today if he was home by 11 am and both Baz and myself solemnly promised that would be the case, but to be honest I was extremely sceptical that we would manage! However I reckoned without my intrepid cycling mates who somehow or other dragged me round our 30 mile course in record time and made it back to the house more or less bang on 11 am! The conditions were much drier than the last two times we've been at Innerleithen but even so an average speed of over 8mph on our torturous course is going to take a bit of beating. There was hardly even time to take a picture today but I did get one which I'll use for Skywatch Friday this week.
P.S. I even managed another 7 miles late in the afternoon, but that was at snails pace!!

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