Sunday, 23 August 2009

Is this weather exclusive to North East Scotland, it's certainly not what the rest of us have been experiencing?

This modest abode was our home for Friday night, £15 out of Matalan, cheap at twice the price!

Posted by PicasaThe mass start to the event led off by two motor cyclists.


Gennasus said...

Darn, I missed you! That pink carnation couldn't have been big enough.

As for the weather, it's always sunny here.

Pyatshaw said...

Did you have to go to all that expense just for one night?
By the way, I see that the University of Silly Courses is running a Tent Erecting Course--spread over 3 years and ending with an XG in Temporary Shelter Erections. Hurry, places are filling fast and you may have to resort to a clearing site (or is it a "cleared site"? )to secure a place.

jeek said...

The tent has been "carefully" pa cked away (cough, cough, as in stuffed into its ridicoulsly inadequate bag) and will emerge, hopefully at the next event in all its glory