Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Worthy of a place on The Dragons Den!

This contraption, if you can make it out, is the brainchild of a young lad in West Lothian whose father is a customer of mine. The bit on the far right with the vertical pipe welded on is slipped over the seat post of a bike, the throttle is somehow fixed to the bike's handlebars and the engine and chain driven wheel stick out the back! The engine is then fired up and Bobs your uncle and off you go with the motorised wheel pushing you along! Heaven only knows how you steer the thing but he assures me he's had over 40mph out of it. I can only add, "rather him than me"!
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Anonymous said...

so, you mean he invented a motor bike??????????????? I think that it may have already been done!!!!!!!!

Duncan said...

Sounds like someone is a bit jealous that he has been out bodged!!!!!!!!!!

Pyatshaw said...

No, I think it might be a bit more than a motor bike...more a sort of articulated motorised bike and you have the added attraction of fitting it to ANY bike (if you have more than one!) and you can dispense with it if you are feeling in a "keep fit" mode.
Can I order one for my old man--I'll keep it for Xmas--be great for going down for the daily paper--well, for coming back up will be better!