Sunday, 20 December 2009

Cold weather training with a vengeance

This morning Clive and I set off from the house at 7 am at a temperature of minus 5.5 Celsius. Ever since our maniacal Prime Minister became fixated with global warming or the more convenient term "climate change" we've been freezing our brass monkeys to bits. The 19 mile plus round trip to Penicuik was a mixture of snow and ice with the worst bits on the side roads that hadn't been gritted. I've been trying out a variety of tyres (I have quite a selection now!) and the latest pairing is high volume, with low pressure to give a bigger footprint for more grip and less sliding on the ice, I think it's successful as I only came off once! That was about the only mishap today apart from a 3 inch icicle forming from my nose just after the start of the ride.

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