Sunday, 24 January 2010

The lonliness of the long distance (winter) cyclist!

Posted by PicasaAs the cycle tracks along my way are still ice and snowbound it was off to Baz's neck of the woods this morning for the first real ride of any length since the Strathpuffer. From Boness we went over the hill to Linlithgow then a fairly hard climb up past Beecraigs Park until we eventually came out at Bathgate. The higher we went the more snow we came across and one of the descents was decidedly slippy. After a succession of side roads that had me completely lost we eventually arrived back in Linlithgow and retraced our route back to Boness. Just over 24 miles and a good work out after last weeks efforts.

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Duncan said...

Change of pads and freeing of pistons has not solved the problem. Think I will have to bleed them next