Sunday, 14 February 2010

A tale of two chains

Out on Friday night with Clive on a trip along the cycleway to Penicuik, a round trip of nearly 20 miles, we were experiencing all sorts of chain/drive train problems. We had just started the return journey when my chain came apart and finding it again on a muddy cycle track was no mean feat! We did have spare links however and managed to effect a repair though Clive's chain continued to jump about his cassette all the way home. On inspection in daylight on Saturday he discovered one of the links half broken, how it managed to hang together is a mystery.
We went out on Saturday night , Baz, Clive and myself, as Sunday morning for various reasons was not on. As Glentress was still a bit dodgy Baz suggested the Pentlands instead. We went along to Penicuik, up over to Flotterstone and then went up by the various reservoirs to the track that eventually leads over to Balerno. This is more or less non stop climbing for 13 miles so the descent was well worth waiting for! The return journey was by a slightly different route and took us up to the 30 mile mark with a calorie burn of over the 2225 mark. One mishap, on the descent to Auchindinny as we shot down a steep hill with speed bumps my foot came out the clips going over one of them and I came down rather heavily on the front of the seat with my undercarriage! Painful doesn't even begin to describe it! However after taking it easy for a bit I recovered and we made it home in relatively one piece.

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Pyatshaw said...

If you think that was bad (and I think it does sound rather painful)how about trying that course called the Mogul at the Winter Olympics!(on your bike, of course).