Sunday, 14 March 2010

More mishaps than adventures today

We started out at Glentress at just after 6am this morning and it was mildly annoying that it was already pretty light especially given the array of torches on our handlebars and helmets! First mishap and it was to be a recurring one was that Baz's seat post kept slipping down into the frame make life difficult for him pedaling up the climbs. The frequent stops to readjust his seat post were actually quite welcome as we were still dressed for -6 and the temperature was now at plus 6. A few mishaps occurred near the top of the Red Route on the ice involving me slipping under the bike as I pushed it up a particularly icy section and all of us at some time on the descent down Spooky Wood through frozen snow. Baz was next to under perform when his "attempt"at the world track standing record ended with him rather unceremoniously falling off and into a ditch of snow. (I got the blame for that as I had cycled past too close to him!!). Clive's chain was next to fall apart, too much power he said, but I have my doubts about that one too! By this time Baz's chain and sprockets had decided enough was enough and were failing to mesh as soon as any power was applied,( looks like that's going to be a costly affair) and he was beginning to invent new profanities!

How we managed 20 miles goodness only knows, but it brought Clive's mileage for the week up to 176 miles and mine's to a more modest 106 miles. Baz's, sad to say, was only 20 miles and a failed track stand!

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