Sunday, 7 March 2010

Still snow and ice at Glentress

Clive giving a good impersonation of speed on an icy stretch of track!

Posted by PicasaWatch your back Baz, here comes Clive!
Went to Glentress this morning as the Pentlands are still snowbound and there seemed to be less snow down by Peebles, but once we had climbed up the tracks we ran into the white stuff yet again, mostly lying in some of the more sheltered bits where the sun hadn't reached. We managed to do 22 miles by riding on the lower tracks and doing the climb up to the buzzard car park three times! This was to enable Clive to reach his 100 miles for the week which we duly managed. I need 4 more miles for my 100 miles this week and I'm about to go out and do 4.1 miles to knock him into second place..........can't wait to text him with the news (childish I know, but good fun!)


Pyatshaw said...

Good to know you still have the old family competitiveness!

Anonymous said...

but you didn't do the 4.1 miles and last week - I was top dog!!!