Sunday, 23 May 2010

Four times and 50 miles over the Pentland Hills today.

We set off at 5.20 am this morning to try our ambitious (for us!) attempt at crossing back and forward over the Pentland Hills four times and still be back home in time for breakfast! Well we did manage though breakfast was a little later than usual at 11.15 am but conditions couldn't have been better. The ground was firm and dry, unlike Fort William last week, and the temperature hadn't really risen too high that early in the morning. The final ride down to Flotterstone and from there to Penicuik was welcome though after all the climbing and we finished off by taking my new route home through Bilston Wood with its tree houses which are still inhabited by a motley bunch who originally built them when there was a threat the woods were to be cut down. A steep chute more or less finishes off the route though we had to bike around a bit to get the final mileage up to 50!!!

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