Sunday, 30 May 2010

A slight touch of amnesia today!

Twice today we lost our way on the Pentland Hills. The first time there was no excuse as we'd done the route at least three times before but somehow or other we managed to go astray on the journey over to Nine Mile Burn. After a bit of scrabbling about we did eventually get back on course and arrived there. The next part of the route back over was a first time and was up by Spittall Farm. The climb from the farm up over was a killer and Clive's chain fell victim to the tough going (as well as Baz's stomach!) but after two enforced pit stops we got on our way again. The second time we lost our way was down to me forgetting where I'd been last Tuesday night with a riding buddy who showed me some new tracks to try. We went down a couple of wrong tracks before we resorted to looking at a map and figuring out the correct direction. Much derision was heaped on me but I pleaded insanity (or was it old age) . The climbs and descents were well worth the wait and even if time ruled out a final climb today we still managed nearly 40 miles. An epic day's riding!

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