Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ten under the Ben, looking back on it........

The Ten under the Ben race started with a Le Mans style sprint to the bikes for the first lap this year, the contenders for the fastest teams going for glory while the rest ran at a more leisurely pace! Baz did the first lap as my days of 100 metre sprints have long passed and did a quick first lap. When he came in and we swapped the timing chip I set off and did what was to be my fastest lap of the day as the weather slowly deteriorated with heavy rain and even sleet at one point making the single track through the wooded sections cut up really badly. One thing we have to get right for our next event is the food we eat through the day of the race! Drinking canned vanilla flavoured, vitamin and protein enriched milk may be all right for a weightlifter but it does your stomach no favours on a rough cross country bike track! In fact Baz, after over dozing on a couple of the cans, had spent a good twenty minutes of his lap off seated on a portaloo!!

At the time it seemed like misery personified but looking back now it was great fun and the fact we came second in our class and won a small trophy helped as well. Roll on Ten more in Moray in August!!!

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