Saturday, 19 June 2010

Castlelaw climb conquered (from the other side!)

This is the end of the Castlelaw climb from the south side. It's definitely longer than the climb from the north but at least the surface is rideable. Tonight we set off at about 5.30 pm and did the Castlelaw climb first, then along to the rough track round Black Hill to meet the track that comes up from Flotterstone. We then doubled back up to the top of the track to Balerno, rode part of the way down to then cut along to Harelaw reservoir, from there it was back up the track over to Glencorse reservoir, down to Flotterstone, up the road and turned left to descend through Mauricewood down to Auchindinnie. From there it was back along the railway track towards Rosewell with the added challenge of what I call Dougie's Double Challenge, a rough little section of track and a couple of tricky roots to get over, one going uphill and the other within five yards going downhill. For the first time I managed to clean them both tonight, I usually get the handlebars caught in the fence that runs alongside them. My total mileage for the day which included a cycle ride in the afternoon (which was a bit easier) was 48.5 miles, most of which was offroad.
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TeuchterTex said...

The weather was fab for your efforts, must google a map to trace your route - hope you're proud of doing nearly 50 miles, sounded like a good challenge!

Pyatshaw said... have Castlelaw as well!
If you keep going like this you'll be away to a shadow with all that strenuous cycling---is that why you all wear lycra..'cos it shrinks in with the diminishing body?
I'm going to tell the dung-spreader driver about the lycra! he might find it a useful uniform as it wouldn't become caught in the works!....the mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

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