Saturday, 12 June 2010

We reached Glasgow and survived (only joking if you come from Glasgow).

We set off from Auchinstarry (I love that name!) at 11 am with Glasgow as our aim today. Before long we'd reached Kirkintilloch and passed by the side of numerous other villages I'd never heard of before. The weather was bright and dry with a slight headwind, perfect for the return journey. Soon we reached Bishopbriggs and a short distance later what I took to be the outskirts of Glasgow. (Numerous high rise flats etc.). Apart from a couple of guys partaking of a few cans of beer under a bridge, doubtless a hair of the dog cure from last nights excesses, everybody seemed reasonably civilised!! The round trip back to Auchinstarry was 24 miles with the other half beginning to complain that her bum was becoming painful! A meal in the restaurant there celebrated(?) our wedding anniversary (and cost a small fortune).

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Pyatshaw said...

Happy anniversary--I forgot (AGAIN)!
Next time you go to Glesca take your passports. They might let you in! But please don't come back with the accent--I much prefer your clipped Edinburgh tones!!!