Sunday, 4 July 2010

Daring white water crossing (well actually small stream)

A bit of a mixed bag this morning. If we'd gone out at 5am we'd have been home before the rain came on, as it was Clive and I went out at 7.30 and managed to get pretty well soaked but tried a few new bits on the trip. I took him up a small off road path and managed to ensure his (and my) shins got well stung by the nettles there and we explored  a path that took us to a river/stream which looked as though it could be tricky to pedal through so with my encouragement Clive had a go at it as I videoed in the hope that he'd come off in the middle and provide some amusement........the swine got through no bother! Next time I'm picking something a bit more substantial for him to ford (and fall off in). We managed 20 miles and had water running out the back of  our shorts by the time we arrived home.

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Pyatshaw said...

I was expecting him to be on the unicycle!