Monday, 23 August 2010

Ten More in Moray......some photos

Our camp, set up on the Friday night, little did we know that the wind the next day threatened to blow the gazebo out over the Moray Firth!

Trying to look calm just before the start of the race. Baz was going for the fuzzy face look to scare the opposition!

Posted by PicasaThey're off!


Josh Conry said...

Congrats on the first place! It was definitely a good event and there were some awesome trails up there. Looking at that first photo, I had my tent set up about 10 metres behind you guys!

Donaldo said...

That's a great photo of the pair of team Half Deid in front of the tents - did you bring in a pro photographer for that one??

jeek said...

Donaldo, that was taken by a hobo we pulled in off the street!!