Sunday, 12 September 2010

The new challenge- the Harbour Hill climb (and annoyingly Baz managed it!)

After an evening spent at a wedding reception and getting to bed just short of 12.30am the sound of my alarm going off at 4.30am wasn't exactly music to my ears. However after a hearty breakfast of porridge, tea and toast I felt able to face the world! Baz and I set off at the ridiculously late time today of 5.30am and did a slight variation of last weeks route, this time taking in a new nemesis for me, Harbour Hill. After telling Baz about its ferocity he annoyingly managed it rather well, at least I've got my late night as an excuse for failing to clean it! We decided to return home by a narrow path I'd been told about through the week just off the north descent of Castlelaw but somehow missed a turning and ended up looking down on Swanston golf course from a great height! However we managed to eventually find a sheep track that led us back down safely to civilisation and payed a visit to Swanston village on the way home. 27 plus miles today with a top speed of 40.5mph on one of the descents!

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