Tuesday, 28 September 2010

No chocolate for this job!

I did a small bike repair job for a friend last week and got presented with a box of choccies two days later.(They're all gone by the way). Today I called on one of my customers and was greeted with "We've been waiting for you to arrive to sort out this front derailleur". I'm not a bike mechanic, by the way, I just like faffing around with them. The amusing thing is, this bike was in a car garage with three mechanics who can presumably remove engines, replace clutches etc., yet they found setting up a front derailleur too complex!! The guys are all keen mountain bikers and we soon had the gears running sweet and tested around the garage as well as outside. The owner of the bike has recently fitted one of these up and down seat posts (see below) which to be honest I'm not a great fan of as I think they will be pretty high maintenance but he's as proud as punch of it! I did mention the box of chocolates bit but surprisingly no-one seemed to hear me!

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