Monday, 3 January 2011

First ride of 2011 (a bit feeble mind you!)

At last a bike ride! Wasn't much to write home about but the first, even though it was crumby, since the end of November due to:- too much snow for weeks, holidays away from the bike, heavy cold, back which felt it could seize up at any time and finally in Clive's case a perforated ear drum brought on by the dreaded heavy cold!
We maybe didn't go very far, but it was good to get out again and in Clive's case today, fall off several times on the ice (no damage to Clive or the ice). We'll do another short ride tomorrow to see how things go and then weather permitting it's all systems go, well sort of anyway!
Bits of the track are still a bit dicey with frozen snow and ice, see piccy above.
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Pyatshaw said...

Must get those "Christmas inches" off!